Illustrated Seamanship

Illustrated Seamanship

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Seamanship is the art of managing a boat.
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Seamanship is the art of managing a boat. This book is a follow-up to the successful Sail & Rig Tuning and Illustrated Navigation covering knots, docking the boat and anchoring, all illustrated in Ivar Dedekam’s distinctive style and backed up with clear and simple text. These skills are imperative to keep a boat safe and make cruising as enjoyable as possible.

  • Follows on from the success of the author’s previous work, Sail & Rig Tuning (sold approx. 27,000 copies)
  • Covers cruising boats worldwide
  • Covers all the key topics for managing a boat and safety on board (e.g. ropework, mooring, manoeuvring in harbour, anchoring)
  • Highly illustrated
Ivar Dedekam
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