Greek Waters Pilot
Greek Waters Pilot

Greek Waters Pilot

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Jachtařský průvodce Jónským a Egejským mořem.Celobarevná publikace v angličtině s 508 stranami.
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The Greek Waters Pilot is the definitive cruising guide to the coasts and islands of Greece. It covers the entire area from the Ionian Islands to the Aegean, Rhodes and Crete and includes details of over 450 harbours in a single volume.

The author has not only outlined the facilities available to the yachtsman, the details of the approaches, entrances and anchorages, but he also provides a wealth of background information and history of interest to the seasoned yachtsman, occasional charterers and flotilla sailors alike.

A4, 508pp, hard cover, full colour, 10th edition (2007)

Rod Heikell
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